Dr. Batool Imtiaz is a Dallas, TX based Board Certified Family Medicine Physician specializing in Geriatric Medicine. Dr Imtiaz completed her Geriatrics fellowship at one of New York's finest medical programs, the LIJ Medical Center. She also served as Chief Resident during her family medicine training and was involved in several hospital committees. Upon completion of her training, Dr Imtiaz moved to Dallas, TX where she joined The Dallas VA Medical Center. Dr. Imtiaz served the nation's veterans, where she worked on a multidisciplinary approach to bring awareness to mental health issues facing this population. She served on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee focusing on improving patient safety through improving awareness of adverse drug reactions. After Leaving the VA, Dr. Imtiaz assumed a role as Medical Director at Texas Health Resources where she worked at several Skilled Nursing Facilities.Dr. Imtiaz has a passion for academic medicine and believes in a holistic style of practice. She opened her own Holistic Health Clinic in April of this year where she aims to deliver comprehensive, high quality health care addressing patients’ mental, physical and social wellbeing. She knows that good health starts with disease prevention which requires not only physical health but also emotional wellbeing. She spends a great deal of time with her patients on counseling which emphasizes lifestyle changes such as healthy diet, sleep hygiene, and stress coping techniques.


Wellness transcends mere medicine; it embodies nurturing care for both the soul and the body.

Preventative Screening

Vitamin D level
Fasting Lipids
Thyroid Hormone levels Screening for Diabetes
Other essential health parameters

Geriatric Counseling

Address age appropriate geriatric interventions With emphasis on proper sleep and exercise Referrals for physical and occupational therapy where appropriate Depression screening with referral to psychiatrist as indicated Counseling on social and emotional needs of advanced age

Holistic Care

Holistic Approach to better health Intermittent fasting techniques Emphasis on natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments. Addressing root causes, not just symptoms. Collaborative approach integrating conventional and alternative therapies Dietary counseling